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    To support this website you must  get started in supporting your own white community . Click on the links above for some ideas  on building a decentralized white community. If you would like to offer any positive direction you can send a encrypted message through bitcoin by visiting the White Community Land Voucher page.


    Defund Israel/Madagascar Plan(55%):

    After successful withdrawal from the Jew World Order Society. A swift plan must be sure and precise of expelling Jewry from WhiteCommunities. Eliminating doubt and self indulgence that allows any weakness to be exploited by the JWO. 55% of your income must go to this plan in order to escalate any chance in the freedom of any white community succeeding which will include in security detailof the MP and WC. The 45% leftover will be then broken down into 4 categories

    HH88 Necessities  A little over half of your income goes toward real necessities (N) like food, ethics, shelter, energy, water, climate, soil,etc. If you can’t cover all your necessities with 55% of your income, you need to do one (or both) of these things:
    1. Simplify your life – Take part in a Jew Free White Community
    2. Raise a White Family in  a Jew Free Environment

    OA50 JEWFREE Freedom Account (10%)/White Education (10%): 
    10% of your income goes into your JewFree Freedom (JFF) jar. The money in this jar can only be used for family building (eugenics, little white book,etc. This jar is used for building a white brighter future for your family. You must neverspend this money.   Successful white people constantly invest in and grow themselves. Hence, 10% of your income goes into the White Education (WE) jar. The more knowledge and skills you acquire, the greater your family building capacity. And the more children you have in a jew free society , the more you need to learn (how to create a healthy and productive life for future white generations to come, how to bring the advancement of the white race to the next level etc.). Use the money from this jar for personal or professional development (e.g. books, courses, public or private speakings).

    QI20 Long Term Savings (10%): 
    10% of your income goes into the jar called Long Term Savings (LTS) for Spending. The objective of of this jar is to save money for future expenses (e.g. a newborn , child raising, living expenses or shelter for your children

    RH25 Joy (10%)/Give (5%):
    10% of your income goes into the Joy (J) jar. It’s important to occasionally indulge yourself with a relaxing night out with your loved one. To avoid over-spending or under-spending, make sure you use up the money from this jar at least every few months. This allows you to spend without whiteguilt, and to also gradually improve your standard of living as your income increases.

    5% of your income goes into the Give (G) jar. However poor your circumstances may be, there will always be someone who is in an even more dire state. Besides the feel-good factor of helping other whites, giving away part of your income also helps you to sub-consciously develop a healthy white mentality that you have more than enough to give away.

    JewFree Freedom/White Education Jar:
    Finally, create a JewFree Freedom/White Education Wallet Jar and deposit something into it daily, however small. The idea is to keep JewFree management top-of-mind, and a daily commitment made towards your Jewfree freedom.

    Adjust the percentages as you see fit but always remember the responsiblity to you white race. RAHOWA

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